• Diana Armstrong

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Sometimes we just need to relax a little and look back to some good old childhood memories, those that reconnect us to our inner child, in order to have a breather from the fast pace of everyday living; just for that moment. For me, it is remembering all those songs and games we used to play as children.

Every time I take a little trip down memory lane, or someone says something that reminds me of a happy moment back in time, it brings me such nostalgia. All those games we used to play or those catchy little phrases we said to one another; or, even when our parents or other adults reprimanded us.

An aunty of mine had a favourite saying we heard almost every day from her when we were growing up. It was; ‘hard ears yuh wunt hear, own way yuh gine’ feel.’ Remember that one?

The game hopscotch was also one of my favourites And also the one we would play with two children making a bridge with their hands on opposite sides of each other whist singing the song, ‘London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.’

I also loved playing those clapping games to tunes like; ‘patta cake, patta cake, baker’s man, bake me a cake as fast as you can, ‘or, ‘Miss Mary mack, mack mack, all dressed in black, black black.....’

One riddle I remember after all these years is, ‘step pon the living, de living won’t holler, step pon de dead, de dead holler.’

Or, in plain English, if you step on the living, the living won’t make a sound, but if you step on the dead, it will. I won’t give the answer here. I would appreciate hearing from you if you used to say it, or if you know what it means.

We at Platinum Friends would love to hear from our readers who would like to share their happy memories with us, and give others who visit our site an opportunity to do so also.

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