• Diana Armstrong

How To Make Affirmations Really Work!


By Diana Armstrong

Platinum Friends is All about Self Help; whether that is through advice about saving financially, or from empowering writings. Here at Platinum Friends we like to offer both. It is about using ALL the help we can get. And Affirmations, the proper use of them, are an invaluable tool. They help you to replace negative thinking and programming that you may have had for a very long time. They retrain your mind to think positive and accept positive possibilities first, rather than always thinking and expecting the worst; and that if anything good occurs, it's just a bit of good luck that happens to you once in a while.

The full and truer meanings of affirmations are not just the words, but their numerical value too. The WORDS are the INTENT; the NUMBER is the JUICE, the GAS, the electrical vibration that POWERS and CHARGES up the WORDS and brings about your intent more quickly than just saying the words on their own.

Or, another example is, the words are the car, and the numbers the wheels on the car. Without those wheels, that car is not going too far, for too long, and you wonder why your AFFIRMATION takes so long to work, if ever!


I am at the heart of creation 70

The unlimited power of the universal mind is within me 171

I release the bond of this financial burden 122

I overcome depression 61

I release disease and ill health, and regain

perfect well being! 182

I experience A sensational release from bad luck 91

I believe in my ability to take care of myself 105

I have the ability to make things happen in my life 115

It is all right for me to experience success here and now! 167

I improve my Business and GAIN more Customers 117

PRACTICE DAILY. I know. (I now have everything I need, plus one or two, OR THREE holidays to my beloved home BARBADOS every year). Yes, that’s sometimes TWO or three in one year. I no longer have any financial worries WHATSOEVER. I now PRACTICE what I preach. I didn’t always. I used to empower others, or at least give them the tools to empower themselves, whether they did so or not, whilst forgetting all about myself. No more of that thank you.

Overcome depression 61

I love myself as I am 49

I am lovable 26

I value myself 46

I reach out to form new friendships 105

I learn from experience and willing move forward 142

I release negative blocks 68

I remove negative blocks from my body 194

I release negative blocks from my mind 191

My higher mind guides and protects me 110

I release fear of authoritarian beliefs 105

I have the right to make my own decisions 104

I bring my family together in love and oneness 135

More coming next week

Excerpt from my book – not available at the moment.


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