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The Windrush Children: Unsettled Futures

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Many of those we now call the older Windrush generation would have come to the UK as babies, toddlers or children. They came not through their own will, initiative, or even desire, but summoned by parents or grandparents who in turn had answered the cry of the UK government of post-war assistance.

In some case they were separated from siblings, cousins and close relatives who they would never see in the flesh again. They acclimatised, grew, worked and settled. Made friends, created their own families - and like their antecedents - they gave their time and labour to the system, economy, and industry.

Paulette Wilson was one such, arriving at the age of ten to join her grandparents. This lady poignantly describes some of the challenges surrounding the Windrush Generation scenario, and how she almost became a victim of the government's hostile environment and deportation policy. Perhaps some of our readers have had similar experiences or know of someone who has. We want to highlight those stories as yet untold.

About us: Platinum Friends supports members of the Windrush Generation who are suffering the consequences of the hostile environment. You support helps us to help them. Please consider giving a donation.

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